Dubai, UAE: Days 3&4: GITEX and Burj Al Arab – The World’s Only 7-Star Luxury Hotel

The past two days in Dubai have absolutely flown by. My GITEX keynote yesterday morning went well, as I made a few new friends (and hopefully no new enemies) with my presentation. After getting a little work done and relaxing briefly at the hotel, my wife and I headed out to dinner with a local businessman and his lovely wife. I didn’t think I’d be eating gourmet Italian in the Middle East, but it was the perfect end to an exciting day.

The next day, I met with another local businessman and we discussed the Dubai’s future over Cuban Cohebas. Later that evening, my wife and I headed to the 7 star luxury hotel, Burj Al Arab, for drinks in the Skyview Bar. I’d waited nearly 3 years to visit Burj Al Arab in person, and the time had finally come. I’d read so much about the now infamous hotel that it was nearly spiritual enter the lobby and look up the vast atrium.

My expectations for the visit we exceptionally high, especially considering the pampering treatment I’d been receiving at our hotel and other venues we’d visited over the past few days. The Burj Al Arab staff did not disappoint. We were whisked up to the bar in high speed glass elevators, which allowed us to watch the Arabian Sea shrink quickly beneath us. The bar is a dazzling combination of space age and lighting and contemporary furnishings, but every table has a view out of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

The Burj Al Arab’s Skyview Bar is not for the acrophobic or the financially challenged. One look at the expansive drink menu and you’re reminded that this is a 7 star luxury hotel. While most drinks hover in the $30 US range, you can spend north of $3,000 for one drink (I think it’s a double). As pricey as the drinks may seem to someone walking in off the street (not that it’s possible, it requires reservations weeks in advance) I assure you they are expertly mixed and are worth the experience.

If you’re ever in Dubai for any length of time, be sure to add a stop at the Skyview Bar at the top of Burj Al Arab hotel.

Burj Al Arab Dubai, UAE

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