Sunken Treasure – Worth $500 Million

This morning as I was stiffing around the Internet for some hot technology news, when I stumbled onto CNN Money which had an interesting article on sunken treasure allegedly worth some $500 million biggies. I’m always watching the History channel and I always enjoy watching the searches being made for old relics buried at the bottom of the sea. Two recent presentations going back a few years had covered the locating of the midget submarines that the Japanese had employed during their attack on Pearl Harbor, which confirmed that the USS Ward had actually hit the conning tower of one of the subs and sank it prior to the airplane attack.

In the sunken treasure story, it seems that some 100 miles off the coast of Gibraltar, a treasure ship has been located in which the finders of the treasure claim it contains some $500 million in treasures which is being kept secret for obvious reasons. Even the name of the sunken ship and its exact location are being kept quiet, since it now appears that Spain is saying the treasure belongs to them. Interesting.

But what is more amazing is how the undersea search technology has improved so much in the past 20 years or so since the discovery of the Titanic, that more and more sunken treasures ship may now be found and their treasures tapped. There is new speculation that some 1,000 ship wrecks remain lurking at the bottom of the ocean. In the article it states:

That was the 2003 discovery of the S.S. Republic, a Civil War-era steamship that sank in a hurricane off the coast of Georgia in 1865. According to an SEC filing, as of the end of last year Odyssey had sold $33 million worth of coins from the Republic, and it has plenty more in its inventory.

So if you are a enthusiast of sunken artifacts from old sailing vessels, this is a good article to read.

CNN Money article is here.

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