Venezuelan Dictator Chavez – CAFTA – Poses Danger to Liberty as WE Know It

For those of you who believe that Russia is now America’s friend, think again. It appears that Venezuelan Dictator, Chavez is NOW getting a Russian Weapons Factory built by Putin. The first step in the process I admit is only to build AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifles in Venezuela to give armament support to communist rebel groups throughout the Americas but what if that doesn’t temper their desire and they receive help to build long-range missiles. Most American’s are aware that if those missiles were built in Venezuela it would place the U.S. in the line of fire. You may wonder if this information is indeed factual. Let me assure you that according to Brazzil Magazine it is one hundred percent accurate.

According to Brazzil’s reporter, Alex Sanchez, on March 27, 2007, the Russian Federation has become one of the major weapon suppliers to Latin America … in fact, Moscow’s developing bilateral security relations in Latin America has become a matter of concern for most in Washington. However, it might be escaping President Bush’s notice as he continues to place great emphasis on creating CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Agreement) and pursuing the Grand Bargain or the North American Security and Prosperity Initiative which will result in the creation of a new political and economic entity that would supercede the constitutions of the various countries involved.

Like the EU (Euro dollar) the American Union would replace the independent currencies of the nations involved with the Amero and everything from environmental regulations to security would be brought in line with a common standard.

This is not just an economic decision it is a choice to go to bed with South American countries that are ruled by dictators, like Chavez, who would not hesitate to fire off long-range missiles at the U.S. if he felt it in his power to do so.

So what can we do about a contractual agreement between the Russians and Chavez? First is to stop the monies flowing into Venezuela that allows them to purchase such advanced knowledge and equipment. In addition to the 2006 statement by Venezuela that they had made a significant weapons purchase from Moscow which included 100,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 24 Sukhoi fighter jets and 53 military helicopters we know have to fear the continuous influx of Russian military personnel, such as pilots and technicians who are flying in both directions to receive training.

One source of Venezuelan revenue is Citgo gas. According to Defense News reports Venezuelan oil refineries are now working together with
Iran.  Through this connection, it is further reported that terrorist organizations have been infiltrating Venezuela, and Chavez’ past record indicates that he is willing to form alliances with anyone who is an enemy of the United States.

CITGO gas is has linked itself to PETRO EXPRESS to recoup losses from the sale of gasoline to US consumers. While it is unknown how deeply PETRO EXPRESS is into Chavez’ empire until such time as they find another contractual supplier it is in your own best interest to avoid their stations as well. Therefore every dollar you spend at either of these gasoline stations will be used to destroy your basic human rights and what is left of your freedoms. Knowing this one of the first American’s chains to pull their business from CITGO is the 7-11 chain. While this will impact Chavez economically don’t think for a moment that he is not a real threat to the stability of Latin America and US diplomatic and trade relations.

Overall, your best defense is to stop the money flow into Venezuela. Boycotting CITGO stations and any other Venezuelan owned or controlled companies in an attempt to temper Chavez’ influence. With the fear of terrorism ever present it is unnerving to find ourselves facing an enemy as close as Venezuela. On top of that if Bush’s super highway becomes a reality from the Mexican border to Canada, there will be no way of stopping our great nation from becoming one more statistic to the fall of freedom as we know it.

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