Considering Spam Cube? Think About Eli Instead

When it comes down to Internet users who let’s say, download and click on anything placed in front of them, expecting software security solutions to work is a joke. And to make matters worse, many of them are so overwhelmed with spam that they simply do not know how to put a stop to the flow of junk mail. In the past, I have talked about the Spam Cube. But today, I am looking at another option. One that is not only offering more for less, but is just as simple to use.

A router for newbies – The Eli All-In-One Security Appliance.

Put a stop to malicious attacks, spam and even enable hardware based content filtering regardless of the OS in use. The Eli appliance is a fine solution that is updated roughly 45 times a day with the latest security definitions. Nice when users otherwise have their own PCs turned off. It provides anti-phishing protection at the hardware level and also is said to block sources of spyware and malware. A wifi router at its core, Eli is definitely targeted to newbies as it does not provide any QoS options other advanced functionality of the sort.

On Windows, keep using current security programs.

It should be said however, that this is not to replace solutions like your anti-virus or even a software firewall. The appliance does provide some fantastic firewall features, but without testing it myself I cannot attest to it’s outbound protection despite the great list of Firewall features seen here.

Adjust settings from a real website, if so desired.

Obviously, like any appliance, this one is likely going to be setup by the resident geek. So using a local IP will be the means for setup at that point. But the end user does have the ability to make content filtering choices from a true website addy, which I find to be much more logical – see the Eli Management Portal.

What do you think?

For my money, this is not something I would use for myself. But for the common user who has no idea what an anti-virus is, does not understand how to browse the ‘Net safely and opens every attachment under the sun coming to their inbox, this appliance could really cut down on those computer repair service calls.

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