AOL Brings BlueString Online

The beta of the AOL service BlueString was shown today, it is similar to others that allow digital media, like YouTube.

Each user is to be given 5GB (there seems to be a magic to that amount – lots of places choose it as a limit) for online storage. The service will not come out of beta until 2008, and for now becomes a plaything for those who can get a place to play.

The feature that is to make BlueString different is the storage of all types of digital media at once, with no artificial barriers. The ability to collaborate on presentations of the stored media will be there also. Those who wish to do more, and have more space, will be able to get 50GB for $99 per year.

The application is hosted by XDrive, so it will be interesting to see if a user can hold an XDrive account and one with BlueString – no word on that yet.

Will everyone feel the need for storage like this? Is this something that people will soon feel is their right? (More and more places are being made available online for storage at no apparent price. Does anyone really not realize that it is not free?) When will the first illegal use of this be recorded? Wasn’t XDrive enough? These are questions I would like to see answered.

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