Free Office Applications from IBM

IBM is joining the ‘free movement’. Earlier in the day, Google announced its free software applications which are a challenge to Microsoft’s Powerpoint. IBM, on the same day, announced its own free offering:

“IBM on Tuesday launched a beta suite of free, online office applications intended to compete with the ubiquitous Microsoft Office and boost the presence of IBM’s Lotus Notes.”

link: IBM Launches Free, Online Office Applications

link: IBM Lotus Symphony

There have been competition for Microsoft customers previously, with the open source applications. However, with two major firms like Google and IBM taking direct aim at the Microsoft customer base, Microsoft does not have the luxury of being passive in this sector. The marketing people in Redmond need to be creative in not only growing that market segment but also maintaining its present customer base. Remember, these offerings from Google and IBM are affordable (i.e. ‘free’)…

Catherine Forsythe

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