To coincide with the theatrical release from the legendary Pixar studios, THQ Wireless releases Ratatouille, the mobile game. In the game, users play the part of Linguini, a simple prep cook, who, with Remy’s help must cook their way to culinary excellence and become the head chef. By preparing gourmet dishes from a variety of different cooking stations, they must please hungry and impatient patrons before they leave angrily.

  • Cook your way to culinary excellence in Gusteau’s famous restaurant. With Remy under your hat to guide you, you begin as a simple Prep Cook and master your skills to eventually become the Head Chef.
  • Prepare gourmet items on the menu from a variety of different cooking stations – but do it before your hungry patrons get too impatient and leave in an angry huff.
  • Get started with “Cook School” — where Remy can help you fine tune your cooking skills.
  • “Kitchen Rush” tests your skills; try to stay on top of the meal service while more chefs, food critics, impatient customers and a Head Chef bear down on you.
  • Upgrade utensils and cook tops, special spices and secret tips from Remy in the bonus rounds.
  • Animated cut scenes bring the movie storyline from the big screen to the mobile screen.

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