Free Mobile Chess Game Matches Gamers’ Skill Levels

Today, Cellufun Inc., one of the world’s largest mobile entertainment communities launched WAP Chess, a free, multiplayer chess game supporting real-time play on more than 600 handsets, including Apple’s iPhone.

Cellufun’s mobile Chess caters to both amateur and expert game players alike. Amateurs will find numerous human opponents, matched to their skill level by Cellufun’s human opponent matching algorithm; a challenging local server called AI, which beat both Chessmaster and Karpov Mobile Chess in a review; and a hint engine and a tutorial mode that can help improve play. Experts will also appreciate Cellufun’s opponent matching algorithm, full timed-play implementation, ELO ratings and AI, the powerful server side that will challenge even the highest-rated players.

“Mobile chess players should be able to play any one at any time on any phone, and Cellufun has created a game to deliver that,” says Arthur Goikhman, Cellufun’s CEO. “Our free mobile chess game offers fantastic game play, but the game really shines when you’re playing other people. Our unique full WAP chess implementation allows for support of our QuickPlay Technology, as well as dynamic image maps which work on everything from the iPhone to the Nokia Series 40.”

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