Windows Stealth Updates Breaks Windows Update

It seems in their efforts to convince the general public that the update of files not otherwise noted, in any list seen by the user, was purely innocent and of no consequence, Microsoft overlooked a little problem with updates on any system that had subsequently been repaired using the repair console.

The problem was discovered at Windows Secrets, and further reported at ZDNet by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. Lest anyone think this was an isolated incident, occurring on perhaps only one or two machines, several were set up to simulate the problem, and the problem was consistent in its appearance.

A full set of pictures showing how the defect works is here. 

and from Windows

However, after running the repair option from an XP CD-ROM, Automatic Updates defaults to “on,” and the new 7.0.600.381 executables are automatically downloaded and installed. These new executables fail to register themselves with the operating system, preventing Windows Update from working as intended. This, in turn, prevents Microsoft’s 80 latest updates from being installed.

Adrian also gives methods for checking to see if your system is affected, and 2 ways to affect repairs when the problem is found.

Microsoft has gotten caught with its collective ‘pants’ down, and the non-admission of the problem does nothing to build confidence in the company. It would seem that any company as plagued by litigation and bad press as Microsoft is, would do everything in its power to engender customer support, confidence, and loyalty – but it seems that Microsoft believes it is so ensconced in the collective lives of its customers as to be untouchable.

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