"Bricked" – What Is It ?

I got an email from a friend this morning who has been reading about the Apple iPhones and the controversy surrounding some iPhones being ‘bricked’. Which made me wonder how many people know what the term ‘bricked’ actually means?

Normally the term is used to describe some type of a software update that makes the hardware on a system useless. Like as useless as a ‘brick’ or ‘bricked’.  It also can mean that any system that can not start up is also called ‘bricked’.

With the Apple iPhones it involves some people who tried to modify the software in an attempt to use another carrier beside AT&T to use their iPhones with. Several hacks had been posted on the Internet showing people how to do this. Some hacks were even being sold. Apple had warned the hacked iPhone users they were going to block this hacking.

Looks like Apple did. I don’t know how true it is, but there are many posting that their iPhones have been ‘bricked’. Some have indicated that they would now need to buy new iPhones. That seems kind of drastic.
I know some people have some pretty definite opinions about whether they should be locked into a contract with AT&T.

I’m not here to take sides. Just to report on what a term means. 🙂

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