Don’t Let the Dog Have Rawhide

There is a huge industry in providing dogs with rawhide treats. You can find these rawhide treats in most pets shops and super-markets. They are in a multitude of shapes and sizes. You may have a few of these products with the dog at this moment. At the risk of antagonizing a complete sector of the pet industry, I will give you my own perspective on these treats and the reasons why. Then you can draw your own conclusion. Simply stated, I would not give any dog a rawhide treat.

There are many reason that I do not use rawhide treats. There is no guarantee where these rawhide treats are made and there are no clear, enforced standards of what is used in making these rawhide things. Salmonella bacteria, for example, can be found in some of these rawhide products. Since there are no standards in production, there are times when arsenic is used as a preservative. The irony, then, is that in an attempt to be kind to your dog, you may be giving your pet a small amount of poison. What is the result of an accumulated amount of arsenic, ingested over months and years? I don’t want to take the chance with my dog.

Another question is ‘what is actually in the rawhide?’. Some rawhides are made from animal by-products. Please don’t assume that this is just a cow by-product. And what is “derivative matter”? You will notice that many of these dog products do not have a list of ingredients. They are sold in open, bulk bins. The attitude of many manufacturers is that it is not for human consumption – ‘it’s just for the dog’. Some manufacturers look upon these products as toys rather than as food. Does the definition / classification leave the dog any safer? There are no standards to guarantee that there are no antibiotics, insecticides, bacteria, and even lead in that rawhide. I don’t want to take the chance with my dog.

The next question should be directed at your veterinarian. How often does your veterinarian treat dogs for choking, intestinal blockage, diarrhea and other problems, as a direct result of contact with rawhide? Ask; and ask your veterinarian to list some of the dangers of offering this treat to your dog. I don’t want the angst of being concerned about choking and gastrointestinal problems. I don’t want to take the chance with my dog.

This is just my perspective. However, you are giving your dog a treat because you love and cherish your pet. Do your due diligence on this issue and decide for yourself. You don’t want to take the chance with your dog.

Catherine Forsythe

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