iPhone Damage Theory True

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In an earlier post (Don’t unlock your iPhone!) that I made on September 26 about how owners of iPhone’s may cause irreparable damage to their iPhone if they have unlocked it to use it with different mobile networks, has been proven to be true.

The iPhone, a touch screen mobile phone, which was released in the United States in June, has been complained about as hundreds of hacked iPhone users install the update, when Apple warned people to not to install it.

In order to have an iPhone, Apple made you take up a contract with AT&T, however many have unlocked/hacked there iPhone over the internet and on their computer.

One of the updates features was to allow iPhone owners to buy music from the iTunes store directly from their mobile. But now many are left with unrepairable damage to their phone.

I think that by Apple only allowing the iPhone with AT&T, they may loose sales, as other people would like to go elsewhere. But Apple have always owned all their products, and have been the only maker of them, but since they don’t have a mobile network, there doing the next best thing. Making you stay with a specific network.

Do you have an iPhone? Will you be installing the update, and have you unlocked your iPhone? Let me know by leaving a comment or you can e-mail me at dcrone*nospam*@inbox.com. (remove *nospam* from e-mail address).