Microsoft Creates 3 More Zunes

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Microsoft has created three new Zunes for storing music, trying to compete with Apple’s ever so successful iPod.

I feel that the release of the new Zunes has came in the rush of the new iPod Touch. Microsoft is really under pressure to create a music player which is better and more attractive than the iPod. But with the iPod Touch, I feel that is going to be difficult.

The music players come in sizes of 4GB, 8GB and 80GB and have wi-fi capability so that owners can download music, videos and photos directly from their PC.

Microsoft is also launching a new community platform named Zune Social to allow its users to share music.

1.2 million Zunes have been sold, compared to 100 million iPods since 2001.

The cost of the three new Zunes will be $149 (£73) for the 4GB model, $199 (£97) for the 8GB model, and $249 (£122) for the 80GB model.

What do you think of the Zune and which do you prefer? The iPod or the Zune. Let me know by leaving a comment.