Norton Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again – A Reader Posts A Problem

Reader Bobbie posted the following:

Symantec is repeatly popping up the box showing that it’s scanning an email message when I’m not sending any email. Then occasionally I get an error saying that “your email message was unable to be sent because you email server rejected the recipient” It then refers me to the Symantec website which asks if I’m actually sending email or not. If I say that I’m not, it directs me to download and run Symadataweb which doesn’t seem to do anything. Symantec tech support was no help. They said it is working as expected because it was continuing to scan emails even after I disabled email scanning. They didn’t acknowledge that it was scanning when I wasn’t sending emails. Could someone have hacked in to my PC to use it as a host to send spam?

I did a Google and from some other posts I read around the Internet, this may just be a problem with the program itself. The standard recommendation seems to be to uninstall the program, use Norton’s uninstaller tool, clean the registry using a program such as CCleaner, and than install Norton again and see what happens.

If you are concerned about being hacked, you may wish to post a Hijack This log file over in the security section at the Lockergnome forum as well.

If anyone else has any suggestions for Bobbie, please post your comments.

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