Paddy’s in Portland: Bartender for a Night

There are a few jobs I’ve always wanted to try, but never had the time.  Being a bartender is one of those dream jobs (seriously).  Rather than go through my good friends at Vocation Vacations to test out my dream bartender job (think Tom Cruise in Cocktail), I reached out to my other good friends at Paddy’s Irish Bar and Grill in Portland Oregon. They regularly donate “Bartender for an evening” to local charity auctions, which makes it an exclusive evening and a wonderful opportunity to sample a wide variety of flavors from The Wall, Oregon’s largest collection of spirits.  Paddy’s set me up with all the tools of the trade (martini shaker, apron, Mr. Boston drink book, etc.), trained me and let me loose on the patrons.  You’d think it would be easier to serve your friends, but they were a tough crowd.  After a rough start, I found my footing and thoroughly enjoyed mixing drinks, pouring beers and skimming the tip jar.  But seriously, I donated all of my tips to CCI Enterprises, our Charity of Choice at SEMpdx.  I highly recommend bidding (or buying) your way into a bartender for an evening at Paddy’s in Portland.

Paddy's Bartender for a Night

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