IBM Symphony Downloads Hit 100K in Week 1

Showing that many people who use both OpenOffice and Microsoft’s offerings are looking for something new, the folks at IBM stated that in the very first week, the downloads of Lotus Symphony went over 100,000.

While based on OpenOffice, the Symphony Suite has the IBM touch and looks and feels different than OO. The look and feel difference is enough for many to switch, although Symphony includes only three major applications. Once IBM adds a database to the download, it should really take off.

IBM is also promising to add additional features into the package, which will fully integrate with Lotus Notes. While not the heavy hitter is once was, Notes is still used in many corporate settings, so interoperability here would be helpful.

Although no word has come from IBM, many speculate that more of the original Symphony feature set will be folded into the new incarnation, which could make for interesting competition once the project gets a little further down the development road.

As an Open Office derivative, every copy of Symphony in use by a Lotus Notes business, is one less business buying into volume licensing of MS Office, and more support for the Open Document Format.

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