PC Repair – Going Down The Tubes?

Like any industry, PC Repair has always been filled with the shady, the misinformed and the down right lying individuals that make up problems in order to make a quick buck. I have seen busts like the one seen here in this Windows Media file before. And the fact that national chains are part of this problem is hardly a surprise. Most of these guys are paid crap and expected to be honest, trustworthy and someone the end user should have confidence in. Others from the private sector, are just crooks – and that is just sad.

If you remember when I first started here, I had talked quite a bit about my own experiences with PC repair as an industry. I know what it’s like to try and squeeze out an honest buck amongst those who perhaps, are less than honest. In light of this, I will see about reworking some of my old techniques I used to ‘wow’ my previous clients to the point that they STILL call me despite knowing that I have not been in the repair game for a long time. It’s not about being cheaper, it’s about getting the job done and providing a clear defining reason why you blow the doors off of these national companies that have zero vested interest in the clients they serve. One example technique I used was never selling the hardware myself. Why? Watch the video above as mysteriously bad RAM becomes a shot motherboard in a matter of seconds. Seriously, buying repair services from someone that makes a tidy markup on hardware is a dangerous proposition.

At any rate, I will see about putting some thoughts together. Until then, just remember that being cheaper means little if you can provide real value and less visits to your shop for malware removal. And sometimes, this means telling your customers that it’s time to upgrade to a safer OS – be it Vista, OS X or Ubuntu.

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