Why Is Apple Satified With A Small Market Share?

Over the years I have read many articles, posts in the forums and have spoken with colleagues who own Apple systems to make some valid conclusions about Apple computers. Overall the quality of hardware and the Apple operating system are superior to PC’s and Windows. Because of a small but loyal customer base, Apple has been able to keep itself smallish when compared to the grown up computers players, which could be exactly what they want.

Though at first it appeared that Apple was going to make a major move in the computer market when their Apple vs PC ads first appeared on TV, it would seem that Apple was just wasting advertising dollars. After a commercial would air, I did not observe anyone tossing their PC out the window and running to their nearest Apple store.

Yet when it comes to other Apple products such as the iPod or iPhone, folks have flocked to buy these items. If it was just Apple fanboys who purchased these products, sales would have been dismal. Yet both products have demonstrated their popularity in the marketplace. These products were purchased after glowing reviews as well as word of mouth by people who had bought them.

One would of thought that with the lackluster response by the Windows community to Vista, that this would of been a shot in the arm for Apple computers. Why than does Apple still struggle with their computer sales? Is it pricing that keeps people away? Lack of knowledge that an alternative to the PC exists? Better marketing by Microsoft and others? Do thy fear that if they sell to many computer systems quality would suffer? Technical support would not be able to keep up with demand?

Or is Apple just satisfied to keep a small market share and a loyal fan base?

What do you think?

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