Sued For Listening To The Radio?

Apparently, the is the predicament that one company in Scotland has to deal with. A Scottish car servicing company was taken to court by the Performing Rights Society (Royalty collecting firm in Britain) because the PRS claims that workers listening to the radio violated public Performance laws. The PRS is seeking 200,000 pounds for the supposed copyright infringement.

This begs the question: If they were simply listening to the radio, isn’t that free and open to all people? This is more than likely a radio station that the PRS probably collected royalties from, for the broadcast of that same music over the airwaves. If one can’t listen to the radio at work, are they banned from listening to it in the car at a level that others can hear the music (although many places have laws banning music that loud)? Or the thousands of mom and pop stores that have the little radio in the back of the store pumping out a local radio station.

This is just another example of greedy record companies hoping to score a little more money from innocent people who did nothing wrong. Really when is the insanity going to end?

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