Sun Using Java Update to Push Open Office

It seems Sun has decided that a more active approach is needed to get the word out for Open Office. The contributors at Command Line Warriors have stated that when a Windows machine, not in use for a while, was brought back online, a message was given that there was a Java update available – and that Open Office was available free through the same mechanism.


gosun1 Wow, what a good idea. I only hope no one thinks that their machine has been hacked.


gosun2 This next message box makes it a little clearer, and since it is not heavy handed, most people should not object. The only thing that could make it better is Sun allowing a choice of Open Office, Sun Office, or Symphony – all from the one dialog box, with secondary dialogs telling about the differences.


This seems to be a good idea, for everyone but Microsoft. If this system works well, Open Office will find its way onto many more machines, and its use will skyrocket.

Once the average user realizes that Microsoft Office is overkill, both in capabilities, and dollars required, Open Office, Sun Office, and IBM Symphony will enjoy the market share they deserve.

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