Feeding On Ignorance, Preying On Their Customers

Instances like with FixWinReg are perfect examples of Windows users needing to migrate to safer operating systems where they will not be a target.

Despite Microsoft obviously having no ability to stop this from happening on their OS (it’s not their fault), I have to tell me people who ask me about where to upgrade to that considering a Mac or purchasing a new Ubuntu box pre-configured, might be. I’ve actually done thing on a few different occasions and which I chose depended greatly on that user’s needs. Generally speaking, if this was someone whom I could simply point to System76.com support and they are not needing anything terribly fancy with regard to specialty software, the Ubuntu box made the most sense as these individuals had no interest in relearning everything from scratch. Mac’s are great, but you put any long time Windows user in front of one and the lack of add/remove software and a right click is going to wear thin pretty fast – I have seen it time and time again.

And then there are those people who learn quickly and adapt easily. Designers, coders, etc. People who work off of their PCs and would be able to learn the OS X way of doing things fairly easily. A Mac Mini almost always fit the bill for these folks as it is inexpensive and allows them to buy from a sizable library of proprietary software if needed.

So what about Vista? Microsoft remains strong financially, yet they are still sitting squarely in the toilet with regard to public perception and Ballmer is at the helm as per usual with his little white brush in hand. It’s wild as Microsoft has done so well in the mobile and gaming sectors that they continue to hit a sour Catch 22 in the desktop market with value and usability. Sales have been good enough, but if they are telling you this translates to value, then someone needs to be fired.

Based on the trends I have seen since about 2004 using XP, I would not at all be shocked if within the next 10 years we see Microsoft concede the home and ‘prosumer’ markets to others while making enterprise their exclusive focus. At that time, I believe the health of their OS division may depend on it as things continue to flop and stumble. At the same time, their other divisions will continue to succeed and they will grow into other new areas. But make no mistake about it, they will lose with Office and Windows with home users, mark my words, it will happen and is already beginning to.

Vista stinks, I’ve used it at length and in all brutal honesty, it makes Windows Me look forgivable. Anyone out there who still runs a repair business had better think real long and hard before recommending that OS to anyone unless they are ready to be lynched later by some extremely unhappy clients. This is not to say that they won’t have learned some hard lessons by the time Windows 7 rolls out. But this current release offers ZERO value of any kind whatsoever to the casual user. And if you cannot see that, then I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

I told each and every one of you long before Vista was ever released that it was going to be problematic. Imagine my shock when I discovered that even if things ran perfectly, people still wanted XP back.
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