iPhone 2, The Next Generation

I was browsing the web for news on the iPhone today (its from August, so it is a bit old), and found a great article titled 10 Things the Next iPhone Will Do. Some of the features are good, while others are just pointless. For example, “Provide the option to download and save YouTube videos for 99 cents.” Why would I want to pay money to save a video to my phone? My iPod Touch saves my recently watched videos, so I can watch them whenever I am near a wifi signal. I would assume that someone with an iPhone will be able to watch You Tube videos everywhere (assuming they pay the monthly internet fees). Now for an interesting feature, “For drivers: pay monthly E-Z Pass fees and beam E-Z Pass fare at toll kiosks.” While this would be awesome if I drove past a toll every day (helpful if you use different cars or whatnot), however I do not think that this feature will appeal to the majority of iPhone users.

The article is a great read, and the features seem to be very helpful. However, Apple has not yet convinced me to switch to AT&T and buy their new generation of cellular phones.

For now, I will stick with my iPod Touch.


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