Sonic Joins the Brawl & Maybe Some Other Friends

Although Sonic was used as an April fool’s day joke on EGM some years ago, it was until October 10th when Nintendo officially announced that the blue hedgehehog would be joining the new Smash Bros title for the Wii.

This isn’t much of a surprise for me. It was obvious that Sonic was going to be in the new list of characters for Brawl. Now the thing is, what other characters from the Sonic series are making their appearance?

My bets are on Tails and Dr. Eggman. Why Tails? Because he’s like Zero for MegaMan, and he just couldn’t be left out. After all, Tails has been sticking with Sonic for a long time. Why Eggman? I think that’s too obvious. If Mario has Bowser on the Game, and Samus has Ridley on it too, Sonic pretty much deserves Eggman as his enemy.

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