School Says You Are Fat

Kids know when they are overweight. Really, they do. The teasing is a relentless reminder. And now, some schools have taken it upon themselves to send home weight reports:

“…”The part that upset her the most as she started reading it, there it stated that she was overweight and she started to cry saying, ‘Mom, that school tells me I’m fat.’ So, it was very heart wrenching,” said Flaurette Martinez.”

link: School sends home obesity notices with students, parent upset

Is it the role of the school to become involved with students’ weight issues? There is an element of blame with this methodology. How many schools are issuing these ‘fat reports’ and yet have available vending machines for junk food? It belabors the obvious that the health initiative starts with life style changes in the home. Does the mandate of the school – or government – extend into the home and into issues such as what is served, what exercise is promoted, what is ideal weight for the children…

The irony of such fat reports is that some schools limit physical education. If you have a chance, ask an elementary school child how much lesson time is spent on health, food, nutrition, exercise… you know that it is minimal.

Catherine Forsythe

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