First Blog!

I am amandamomma.  This is my first blog and I am looking forward to blogging about my experience with children.  I am a mother of 4 and have worked with children since I started babysitting in 1981.  I also have about 8 years of experience in the daycare setting,  working in and managing a daycare center.  I enjoy spending time with kids.  They are so surprising. You never know what they will say or do.

Just the other day someone came to the door collecting money for some charity.  I was not really interested and I had no cash.  I had just told them that I had no cash and they were turning away with nothing, when I hear a voice behind pipe up with “I have some money.”  My son was apparently trying to be helpful.  So what do you do?  They left my house with a little donation from my son,  who, of course, wanted to be reimbursed for his good deed.

Well, that’s about all I have for today.  Please come back and check out my blog for more unpredictable kids stories.