Is Webcam Max Worth Using?

Well I purchased Webcam Max the other day after trying to trial out for a day or two. The software is pretty functional and has some great effects to it but most you would never use anyways. Not at least for anything I can think of other then just messing around, but no one actually trying to produce a stream or videos would probably use them. The most appealing thing about webcam max for me is that you can have picture in picture from two different source’s. That is of course after the fact that you can pick any window you like to feed the stream with a movie or just a picture even if you wanted to. The adding of the effects are also very nice but not the biggest factor for picking this software, the mask effects are great and even the text ones too.

So the reason why I wanted to get Webcam Max was to stream to as well as maybe try producing some videos on the PC gaming industry news, game news & just general gaming talk. Well I was playing around with some test feeds and things over this past weekend and well while using Webcam Max I could really tell a difference in my computers performance. I even tried to stream me play some games from the same computer that I was playing and wow, the games were rendered unplayable by the resources Webcam Max seemed to want to take up. Now ok, I know most people who would be using this software might not even want to take it to that extreme, fine. Even when I was not running games and the feed had been rolling for a bit the Webcam Max software started get sluggish to use when I wanted to make changes to the feed. I would have to wait seconds after I brought Webcam Max as the focus window before I could select anything within the software, as well as when making changes it would have the same delayed effect. It was workable but still kind of disappointing to have everything slow down like that, because it would be nice to stream anything and have it very responsive, specially for the gaming streaming.

So after coming to the conclusion that I either just wasted $30 on the software because it won’t stream my live gaming well enough to use. Albeit that I could use a second computer for the streaming server only etc. then just hook up my video out on my video card to the capture card on the streaming server, along with Webcam Max & Skype and other streaming related software. So the resources wouldn’t affect my game play, it was really just to hard on the frame rates you could barely move around in the game, and thats if and when you waited the half hour for newer and higher demanding games like Team Fortress 2. The flash applet for some reason now when I try to start my live show just show a single and not realtime frame from a practice stream last night, although when I select the direct connection to the webcam and not Webcam Max it works fine with a smooth and real time frames from the camera. I did notice that during testing as well when Webcam Max was working that it had increased the delay of the video from the camera quite a bit too, I had got up and started walking out the room almost making it out the door before it refreshed with me out of my computer chair.

Webcam Max over all is some pretty nice software but efficient is what it isn’t. I will play around with it some more in different setup situations and report back with how it’s going but for now i’m not quite sure that it is as practical as I was hoping it would be.

Check out the Webcam Max site for more detailed information on what the software actually does. Official Site

Screen shot of Webcam Max Software:

webcam max &

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