Kudos to Thom Campbell and Capacity LLC

Silly String, that kids’ toy, is not part of the military budget. Marcelle Shriver knows that it saves lives and prevents a few more shattered bodies. The problem was how to transport the cans of Silly String to Iraq. And that is where Thom Campbell steps up and solves a problem:

“…The thousands of cans of Silly String are boxed and addressed to individual servicemen and servicewomen in Iraq. But since the string comes in an aerosol can, it is considered a hazardous material, and only certain companies can ship it.

Thom Campbell, one of the founders of Capacity LLC, a New Jersey-based shipping company experienced in hazardous materials, heard about Shriver’s problem and decided to help out.”

link: Silly Strings Packages En Route To Iraq

Kudos to Thom Campbell and his company. Hopefully, this will give Mr Campbell and his company more exposure. So, if you have something to ship…

Catherine Forsythe

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