Vonage – Better Than A Conventional Landline?

Is Vonage a better service than a conventional landline telephone? After 6 months with Vonage I would give it two thumbs up!

My particular telephone needs are a bit different than the normal user. I’m an American living in Michigan that’s married to a Canadian living in Toronto. For various reasons we’ve chosen to maintain both homes. While in Toronto, I wanted to have access to local telephone service for Michigan. Vonage was the answer. While in Toronto I plug my Vonage interface into the router and anyone calling my Michigan number gets me. All my outgoing calls to Canada or the US are toll free. I added a virtual line on for $4.95 a month and have a local inbound number for the Toronto area, regardless of where I am.

Other features like web access to voice mail, receiving voice mails as email attachments, dual ringing on both the Vonage line and your wireless phone are among many of the features you can set via the web.

Anyone unhappy with their current landline service now has a good alternative.

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