Wait Until They Drive

I was looking at a cool picture from NASA today (see picture below). There is a haze (its labeled haze below :)) running from the Northeast border with Nepal to the south. The red dots are hot spots, fires or something. The interesting thing about this is that the day this picture was taken, production in India’s first bio diesel plant began. This product is mostly for export to the United States.

It got me thinking about oil, price of gas, etc. Something we do not hear that often is the reason for oil prices being what they are is that China is driving more than they ever have. As time goes on and India has more disposable income, they too will be driving more cars. Imagine where we will be then, with the price of gas, eggs, milk, bread, you get the idea.

I also thought it was pretty hilarious about the whole bio-diesel, hazy day thing, even if it was just a coincidence.