Wanna Send Video Mail? Why Not Try EyeJot

Video Mail In a Blink

eyejot video messagingLast night this new website called EyeJot was brought to my attention. What is EyeJot you ask, well if you’ve ever wanted to send a friend, web show, Chris Pirillo etc. a video about a rant or question that you might have. You can now do so without any fancy software or having to upload the video and host it yourself. EyeJot is basically like Gmail, except you send and receive video messages via EyeJot’s website.

Now as cool as this is, it would be nice to have the option to download the video’s to your hard drive. Say for instance I have a web show and viewers send me in video questions, I would like to play them from my computer and not the web application that they have. The website still says that it is in beta, but seems to be running smoothly as it is now with the little testing that I have done.

Brief technical explanation from their site:

Video messages anywhere, anytime

Eyejot has combined the best of what email and live video chat each have to offer and has created a platform that’s remarkably easy to use and works with any web browser, on any platform. Email is effective because it’s easy and you can create something that can be read anytime in the future. Video chatting is great because it’s visual. You can impart emotion, tone and energy. But, very often the person you want to chat with isn’t online at the same time. Maybe they’re even in a different time zone. With Eyejot you truly get the best of both worlds. You can be sending video messages to your friends, family and business colleagues, literally, in seconds. The Eyejot difference is that there’s no software to install! Watch Eyejot video examples.

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