When Anti-Spam filters go just a bit far

My mother is a secretary for the local bowling association. When something goes wrong with Average Verification request she tends to deal with them. This brings me to just a little while ago. She is having problems e-mailing Average Verifications for one of the league members to someone else because of Anti-Spam filters for this earthlink.net user.

Now, I know no one likes to get spam, and that fighting it is a chore. However you can go to far, and this one person has went that distance. She only accept e-mails from people she knows. I mean that is all fine and dandy for regular people. However, mom is not in this persons list, and can’t get the verification to her. She has been attempting to for the past few days. It’s got mom all sorts of flustered and rightfully so. To send this woman emails, you must fill out an electronic form from earthlink. Escue me?!? A form, you’ve got to be kidding.

I mean, I get spam everyday. Don’t think I am free from the spamtastic world. I tend to just ignore it, or even delete it. Now I know some people get somewhere one hundred spam messages to their inbox a day, and truthfully I could see doing something on that. However, if you know you are going to be getting an important e-mail from someone not on the list, then set up a free account with yahoo, hotmail, google, or one of the other free webbased e-mail companies out there, and give that address to that person. Heck, you could even add them to the approved yourself to spare them the headaches and jumping through the hoops.

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