ShopNBC Coupons

I’ve often thought about why ShopNBC selected such an odd name for its online store. I mean, when I’m looking to do a little online shopping, “NBC” isn’t the first brand that springs to mind. ShopCBS, ShopFOX, or ShopABC would sound just as strange. Then again, who am I to argue with a good bargain on watches – especially since I know that Ponzi wants a new one (not to mention, more jewelry for her growing collection)? Depending on the coupon, we might buy a few items for the home there as well.

On the Internet, does a site’s URL mean as much as it used to mean? Are you just looking for the best price available – despite the store? Here are the latest ShopNBC coupons we could find – and you might know of others:

In the past, have you purchased anything from ShopNBC – and if so, what?

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