Netflix Considering More Ways Of Getting Your Movies

I haven’t been in my local Blockbuster since Netflix was created. At first I would go to Blockbuster when I needed a video and really didn’t want to wait for Netflix to ship it. Then Blockbuster came out with the ability to get movies in the mail or in the store and I thought about switching so that I could get videos when I really wanted them. But Netflix started with downloads, so now I download and connect my PC to the TV. Now I may not even have to do even that.

“Netflix CEO Reed Hastings dropped word that “in terms of enabling the viewing of online content on the television screen, we are exploring a variety of options, including Internet connected, high definition DVD players, Internet connected game consoles, and dedicated Internet set tops, with a variety of partners, trying to understand the best ways to provide inexpensive viewing of online content on the television.”

Yeah, so now I may be able to get videos over my PS3. All I can say to that is: Wow! Netflix is really, truly understanding the fact that the means of getting videos are changing. Hats off to it.

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