Economic Sanctions for Iran… Breaking Point or Rallying Point?

A sweeping new round of economic sanctions for Iran have been imposed by the United States. Iran has publicly shrugged off the new sanctions as nothing more than global bullying. For the people of Iran, this new round of sanctions signals a worsening of the already spiraling Iranian economy. The Iranian republic has already imposed fuel rationing in an attempt to curb the costs of fuel subsidies. Basic food items are costing 3 to 4 times more than they normally are.

How will all of this play out in the hearts and minds of the Iranian people? There are two scenarios. The United States hopes that the new sanctions will fuel criticism within the Iranian republic towards the current hard-line government. But, what if this scenario backfires? The Iranians were all witness to the harsh sanctions imposed on Iraq during the 1990s. Many Iraqis starved to death or became fatally ill from lack of proper medicine.

The Iranians could see this as the “enough is enough” point. Will they bow to international pressure and be willing to see a change in leadership through or will this be the rallying point? We do not want to add to the already growing international criticism of the United States. Diplomacy should have a chance to run its course.