Halloween Houligans – The Morning After Damage

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Ya know…This just proves my previous blog about rude people. Where have all the nice people with manners gone? Oh that’s right, nobody raises their children anymore to be responsible, respectful citizens.

So what am I driving at today?

The morning after Halloween, I went outside to begin the task of cleaning up my decorations. And what did I find? Some jerk(s) thought it would be funny to take one of my 3 pumpkins that I paid 14 dollars for from my local church fund raiser, and chunk it into the middle of our street. Needless to say the pumpkin was destroyed. It is acts like these that really make me not want to participate in holiday decorating. So I documented the murder scene with my little trusty digital canon sd400 to share with you and remind myself that people are jerks. The photos and pumpkin pieces have been submitted to the Houston Police Department as evidence. The pumpkin pieces are currently being dusted for fingerprints…..not really. Where is the justice? Why did an innocent pumpkin have to suffer at the hands of this unknown Gourd Killer!!!

Photo Evidence:

Well, what can you do? I can’t change the world. I am but just one person. Wait, maybe I can do something – can somebody say night cam surveillance? Since I am up almost every night participating at live.pirillo.com, I could set up a closed circuit cam system that would send the video to one of my 3 monitors. Muwhahahahahaha. Amazon.com here I come! Next year, I’ll be watching! And if I catch you touching my pumpkins or messing with my decorations…there will be a day of reckoning for you. It’s not going to be funny when my 6 foot 6, 240 lb body comes barreling out my front door. I have two words of advice for you: Run Fast!

Thats All I Got!