Did Leopard Get Released Too Early?

Reports of problems with Apple’s latest operating system update keep pouring in. Complaints of blue screens upon install persist, on machines that don’t include any of the offensive, and non-approved hardware.  The firewall is being criticized, by an analyst who states that it is ‘a mess’.

content.answers.com_main_content_wp_en_f_f5_All_boxes_of_apple_os_x_releases is this progress?

You would think all of this talk was about Vista!

Is this the effort of a company so wishing to further embarrass Microsoft, and its own latest effort, that the necessary testing was not fully completed? Once the problem with software that was specified to cause problems is out of the way, what is left? Unlike Microsoft, Apple knows exactly what hardware it must support, and the list is not very long.

Almost everyone in the world, outside of Redmond, wants Apple to succeed in a big way, and with more than just the iPod. The problems with OS X 10.5 are beginning to make it look like Apple is getting sloppy, or greedy, like those people from Washington. It is becoming easier to say that perhaps open source software is the new way of things – at least no one pretends that the software is bug free.

www.pmptoday.com_wp-content_uploads_2007_04_apple_leopard_ should the world’s mot advanced OS have this many problems? Is this not akin to Vista Ultimate not being so ultimate?

Still, to get a truly fair view, a person must ask if it is the internet, and blogging, that is making mountains from molehills, or if the big software companies all need to be taken down a peg or two, simply for their lack of responsibility.

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