Jumping in the Leaves

When I was a young girl Autumn had a definite flavor to it. Candied apples, caramel corn, candy corn with peanuts, popcorn balls all seemed to appear only for eating in the Fall.  I think that still rings true today, however, there is something about Fall that many people never experienced.  It’s not the taste of it but more the smell.

Above the noise of the leaf blowers and lawn mowers mulching up the fallen leaves, I wondered how many people remembered the quiet rasp, rasp, rasp of the rake as it scratched across the grass gathering the leaves higher and higher into a huge pile.  How many people threw down their rakes and jumped with abandon into the leaf pile, rolling around, listening to them crunch, smelling the wonderful woodsy scent.  How many people could remember the smell of burning leaves in the air and just how many sat around the fire roasting hot dogs with marshmallows on sticks waiting to be flamed to a crispy burnt treat!IMG_2824

I know most towns have banned burning leaves due to pollution but I can’t tell you how very, very much I miss that smell.  While we can’t burn leaves any longer, I enjoyed spending Friday morning with my husband, dad and brother cleaning up my dad’s yard.  Yes, we had power mowers and leaf blowers going but occasionally we would stop to rake so peace and quiet descended on the morning.  Besides it was a beautiful day to spend with family!

So I wish you all a jump-in-a-pile-of-leaves-with-abandon kind of week.

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