Day 1 Of MVG Finals A Huge Success

The first day of the Miss Video Game 2007 competition wrapped up in grand style yesterday with two challenges at Festival Arcadia. The five finalists battled it out, with Lauren Berggren taking the early lead in the quest for the global crown of Miss Video Game.

The first challenge of the day took place at the Flashback Zone where the finalists went head-to-head in the classic racing game – Mario Kart 64. After a round-robin qualifying round, the finalists took part in a play-off format to determine the winner of the challenge.

Lauren (L337Lauren) Berggren raced her way to the top with a victory over Tiffany (liPStiCK) Greene. Third place went to Helene (LadyLara) Bronnec while Adelle (Lanen) Moore took fourth spot. Rounding off the challenge was Yvonna (Coochie Dimes) Lynn.

After a mid-afternoon break — where the ladies interacted with festival goers by signing autographs, taking pictures, and engaging in the odd game with patrons at the Titan Strike booth — the girls made their way to the Videotron booth.

Finalists competed in CounterStrike Source on PCs where the girls challenged each other in a series of Player vs. Player (1v1) matches. Once again, Lauren showcased her superior marksmanship by shooting her way to a victory over Helene.

With the double victory, the Mandeville, Louisiana native holds a three-point lead in the final standings going in to the second day of competition.

The five finalists will compete in two more challenges on Day 2 of Festival Arcadia — Guitar Hero (1:00pm on the Amp1 Energy Guitar Hero stage) and Brain Age II (4:15pm at the Nintendo Booth). Meet and greet sessions will continue today at 3:00pm and 6:30pm at the Titan Strike booth.

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