Firefox: Free But Rich

Most users are just thankful that Firefox is free. A look at the Mozilla financials shows that it also is doing very well financially:

“…According to Mozilla’s 2006 financial records, which were recently released, the foundation had $74 million in assets, the bulk invested in mutual funds and the like, and last year it collected $66 million in revenue. Eighty-five percent of that revenue came from a single source–Google, which has a royalty contract with Firefox.”

link: Will success, or all that money from Google, spoil Firefox?

That’s not too bad for a company that gives away its product at no charge. Those Firefox users contribute to the revenue. For example, there are those random advertising clicks from millions and millions of people – daily. The inevitable question follows Mozilla’s success, as has been asked about Google’s success. Will the success and subsequent financial windfall change the company itself? Perhaps the answer will be measured in the number of clicks.

Catherine Forsythe

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