The Abram's Daughters Series By Beverly Lewis

The Beverly Lewis Abram’s Daughters series of books are perfect for those desiring to learn more about the Amish culture or desiring fine Christian reading material with an emphasis on the belief in saved by Grace not by Works. Beginning with her novel The Covenant and ending with her 5th book of the series, The Revelation Lewis develops a family that will endear themselves to you as they blunder through troubles of their own making, as well as, that caused by others.

Of particular interest to me, since I live just outside of Springfield, Missouri, was that Beverly Lewis, attended and later received the 2003 Distinguished Alumnus Award at Evangel University in Springfield, MO. The author is extremely prolific at combining her knowledge of Pennsylvania Dutch countryside with her early reminiscence of growing up in a Plain family.

In The Covenant you meet rebellious Amish teenager, Sadie Ebersol who is in the midst of her rumschpringe when she succumbs to the charming wiles of Derreck (Derry) Schwartz who deserts her leaving her in the family way. In addition, you meet Sadie’s Mamma, Dat, Aunt Lizzie (who also had a baby out of wedlock), and Sadie’s siblings (Leah, Hannah, and Mary Ruth).

Sadie who is at the crossroads of choosing baptism into the Amish church or being shunned by her family and living the life of a modern woman struggles with hiding her growing pregnancy from her family. As the story progresses through other books in the series you experience the heartache of betrayal, sacrifice, endurance and blessed hope as the family members and loved ones find themselves first torn apart and then reunited. Overall, however, you find a strong Biblical doctrine that prevails throughout – For by grace are ye saved, not by works, lest any man should boast. Using this as her main emphasis one sees how the members of the Ebersol family and the families that are intermingled with them are slowly led to a place of happiness and trust in the Lord as their Savior.

So if you are looking for an uplifting, Christian, (somewhat preachy), series of books Beverly Lewis is one of the authors to look for.

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