Wow, And Thanks From A New Channel Viewer

Canadian Gnomie Lukas writes:

I just stumbled across your YouTube channel/blog and have to say wow, and thanks for such a set of interesting and thought-compelling videos! I’m a university student in Canada, just starting a four-year program in engineering, looking to major in computer engineering and I really think I’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to your videos. The first one I watched was the 50-minute video on your problems with Vista and thoughts of switching (although badly outdated in terms of computer time, several months that is) but to me that entire video was relevant. And I just watched the video on the cloud on computing, and the thought of virtual, online OSes really amazed me. I’d never heard of that idea before and, to be honest, I’m still not entirely sure what to think of the idea — although Id have to say, five years is a bit fast to have that idea implemented. Not to discredit Google or any other company; I just don’t think the idea has even reached enough people at this point for a general consensus (not that it really matters, as a friend’s father put it over a conversation on Vista: “Bill can do whatever the f*ck he wants!”), but I think most people would need to at least be exposed to the idea to get more comfortable with it. The majority of home users out there like to stick with what they know, and a radical change like that may not initially bode well with them.

To contribute to the forever ongoing discussion of Vista and its issues/concerns, personally I don’t see myself using Vista, or at least, not anytime soon. To give you a better idea of where I’m coming from, I’m using Windows XP on an HP Pavillion laptop (which is just over a year old). I was born into the world of computers with a GUI (my earliest memories of a computer are Windows 3.1), so I don’t have that experience with command lines and DOS that others (like yourself) have, so I feel somewhat limited in the validity of my opinion. I’m still very much getting my feet wet in the computing world. I’ve tried many distros of Linux, and almost made the permanent switch to Linux after finding PCLinuxOS. However, that changed due to coming to university and just not wanting to bother with compatibility issues. They have enough of them with integrating Vista into the system here, so I’d probably be on my own when it came to Linux issues. And basically, when it comes down to it my argument about Vista comes down to this: (rhetorically) give me one valid reason why switching to Vista is CRUCIAL to me. Or, in the least bit, in my best interest.

I have yet to find a reason myself, because I can find parallels in pretty much any other OS. Here are some key points for me:

  • Speed. I want my computer to be highly responsive to me, without having to get an expensive, high end computer. I want to be able to use most of the features on my OS — that’s something I cant do on Vista. I’ve noticed many of my floormates that have Vista have better laptops than I do (in a hardware sense), yet my machine runs far faster than theirs (mind you, I have learned the value of a very lightweight machine in terms of number and degree of intrusive apps).
  • Compatibility. Right now everything I own is 100% compatible with XP. Why take the risk that drivers don’t work in Vista and be force to purchase new peripherals? I know that Vista isn’t suffering as much as it used to be in this department, but I still don’t feel the need to test my luck here.
  • Meaningful Features. Other than eye candy, I’m not sure what Vista really has over XP. I know it has the security feature that asks you if running any .exe is okay, but personally I make regular checks on security on my PC. I don’t open large email attachments from people I’ve never met or heard of before, and I really don’t visit any Web site that seems really shady. I generally go by URL and previous Web sites that I’ve had to go through as links. And I for sure don’t download anything from those sites — that’s just asking for trouble. I have a 250 GB external hard drive that can make many backups of my stuff. After running Linux with triple and dual boots, I am really no stranger to losing absolutely everything to an emergency reformat.

But overall, the one thing that compels me to not buy Vista is that I hear the constant debate of “is it worth it?” And if Microsoft is releasing another OS in 2009, why spend the money when I’m doing just fine as it is? I can wait till then, and by then, I’ll need a new laptop for sure. So why waste my money on a laptop with an OS that’s just going to get outdated anyway? And if I still don’t like the OS system from Microsoft, Linux will always be my friend! 😀

Anyway, I’ve ranted long enough, and if you have read this far, thanks! I know you must be busy and get quite a few emails/messages/spam. And just wondering, do you have any thoughts or any comments/viewpoints on what I’ve just said? Something that could possibly sway me one direction or another about Vista, or even if you just have a neat tidbit of information for me to look up and expand my knowledge? Anything would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for your time!

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