DeskScapes 2.0: Animated Wallpapers For All Vista Versions

If you are a user of Windows Vista Ultimate, then I’m sure you have heard about the “Ultimate Extra” which brings animated wallpapers to your desktop. DeskScapes was an enhancement released earlier in the years which extended DreamScene to support animated wallpapers that can be triggered by the time of day, and dynamically generated wallpapers, among other features.

Today, Stardock has announced DeskScapes 2.0. DeskScapes 2.0 will run on any version of Windows Vista that can run Aero (Home Premium, Business, Ultimate). DeskScapes also supports the .dream format, where you can find many download of .dreams here.

DeskScapes 2.0 will be released in February 2008 with a free version available, as well as an enhanced version for $19.95. You can find more information about DeskScapes here.