Alex Rodriguez: The Spin Machine

Alex Rodriguez spent countless hours during the baseball season saying how he wanted to be a New York Yankee. Then he opted out of his contract at the earliest possibility. He did not grant the New York Yankees an opportunity to present an offer. He decided to test the market and be a free agent. The opening bid for his services was three hundred and fifty million dollars ($350,000,000.00), for a long term contract.

Now, Alex Rodriguez is sitting down and talking to the Yankees:

“…A-Rod and the Steinbrenners, together again, and every penny of the 10-year, $275-million deal will be provided by baseball’s richest team. Both parties emerge with significant bruises, but it’s clear that they were the best fit for one another.”

link: All sides fumbled on this option play

And now the spin will begin in earnest. From Mr Rodriguez’s camp, there will be leaks about how the much misunderstood A-Rod always wanted to be a Yankee, loves New York, wants to repay the fans with a championship… and so on and so on.

Perhaps if the spin is outrageous enough, some people will believe it. Perhaps if it is said often enough, it will resonate as being valid.

Unfortunately for Mr Rodriguez, this has cost him fan support. What he says and what he does seem to have a certain disconnect. Initiating discussions with the Yankees is not about loyalty to an organization or to team mates. It is business. It would not be surprising if other teams stepped back from a price tag of three hundred and fifty million dollars for a stellar baseball player who has under-performed in the post season. Repeatedly.

Baseball is business. This is about money. This is about greed. It is posturing and spin. It is not very entertaining to watch.

Catherine Forsythe

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