Buccaneers Pay Tribute to Jonathan Rossi on Military Day at Raymond James Stadium

On November 4th the Tampa Bay Buccaneers paid tribute to Jonathan and another local soldier, SSgt Michael Thomas, who died in April while serving in Afghanistan.

The Bucs were gracious hosts, providing tickets, concessions, field passes, a photo opp with GM Bruce Allen and, to our suprise, a special commemorative football. We were told they had something for us just as the game against Arizona was kicking off, and as I looked to my left I saw none other than my favorite Buccaneer, Mike Alstott, walking towards me with two glass-encased footballs. He handed one of them to me and shook my hand. I have to admit I was a bit numb as he was one of the players I’ve always wanted to meet, but the significance of this special gift took the words right out of my mouth…something anyone who knows me will tell you is a difficult thing at best.

We owe the Bucs much gratitude for their tribute, not just to Jon and Mike, but to all the service men and women they honored that day.  There were hundreds of service men and women on the sidelines, and at half time almost 200 recruits from all branches of the service gave their oath of service.  Jason Rossi, Jon’s brother, was one of them. He ships out to bootcamp on November 20th.

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