All Bugs Won't Be Fixed In Firefox 3.0?

Several websites this morning are reporting that the development team over at Mozilla is possibly considering not fixing all of the 700+ bugs in their new Firefox 3 browser. Instead the reports seem to indicate that only 20% of the critters may be addressed in the new release. One good note is that all security related bugs will be fixed before the final release makes it debut sometime next year.

The new browser is months behind schedule. Beta releases, which there may be as many as 3 planned, may not start until December 2007. But some are hinting that it may not happen until after the first of the new year. Which should give the Mozilla team plenty of time to work on the new project. Hopefully this will result in better browser experience for all of us Firefox users.

Some critics though are criticizing these plans saying that we may end up with a bug infested browser similar to what Microsoft usually releases, and than a whole group of patches to fix already known problems.

I think we should give this a wait and see attitude before we can truly judge the final results.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

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