Want to create Flash 5 Actionscript? Have no experience? Have little budget? Liveswif is here for you!

This night’s entry is about a previously commercial application whose developer just stopped, and then the project was picked up by a community and made into an open source (LGPL) project. This application can be found around the web at several locations, so you can start by looking here and here. Both of these places have forums for support, downloads. The version of windows that are supported include 98/Me/NT/2000/XP, so have at it and create animations, then place them on YouTube, Lockergnome, and maybe just maybe somebody will actually like your stuff and you can become a paid for artist !!

For a complete description I am pasting this quote:

Liveswif is a free program licensed under LGPL. This means that you can use it freely to create your own Flash based movies and animation. Currently Liveswif 2.2 supports Flash 5 Actionscript for dynamic flash movies. You can also use Liveswif to create dynamic Flash based websites and even make your own games!

It provides several classical vector drawing tools, you can create stunning graphics with the power of these tools, including “Freehand”, “Curve”,”Shape”, “Spline”,”Contour”, and in-place text editor.

Liveswif is a typical key-frame based animation system. It provides path motion and transform motion tools to produce animation. Just setting new positions, angles, sizes or colors in key frames, Liveswif will blend the
in-between frames automatically.

Liveswif supports Flash 5 action script, that means you can create interactive animations.

The software may be freely distributed provided that it is not modified. you must include all files in the original distribution.