Get Free Phone Calls to Your Computer!

I’ve stumbled upon a very neat way that you can have someone call any number you choose in the US and have it ring on your PC, for free! First thing you need is a microphone, otherwise you won’t be able to talk to the people who are calling you. Second thing you need is an account with Grand Central. Grand Central is at this moment invite only so you can request an invite and you should receive it soon. After you receive your Grand Central account invitation create your account and choose a phone number from wherever you want. Now you need a program called Gizmo Project. Gizmo is a soft phone that lets you make phone calls to and from you PC, and also PC to PC. Once you have this you also need to make an account. Once your account is created go to Edit – My Profile inside of Gizmo. You will see a SIP number:

(Your 11 number SIP is Here)

Copy the eleven numbers before

Log into your Grand Central account and go to settings. Once you are in the settings on the left side click on the phones. On the right side of the screen you will see Add/Edit Number select that. There should be about 5 empty boxes that you can enter information into select one of them and change where it says cell to Gizmo. Now underneath where you changed it to Gizmo paste that SIP number there. Click save and you’re done. Just give out your new Grand Central phone number and you are ready to receive phone calls to your computer.