Text Messaging, the Car and You

Text messaging is becoming the new standard for communications.  Instead of making a phone call people send a quick message to get the information that they need.  Texting is a great technological advancement, however is is causing a lot of controversy in the states.  People (mostly teenagers) text message while driving.  This changes their focus from the road to their phone.  This change in focus has been the cause of many motor vehicle accidents, and possibly even deaths.

Many states are starting to ban  text messaging while driving, and they will be ticketing drivers for “texting while driving”.  While this seems like a good idea, it seems that it would be very difficult to enforce.  First of all, there is no real way to prove that the person was sending a text message.  For all the officer knows, the person could have been looking at the time or making a call.

Some states ban talking on the phone while driving, however they allow texting while driving.  Other states ban the opposite, while even more states do not ban either.   There needs to be a national standard set, so everyone knows what they can and cannot do.

I agree that texting while driving is a dangerous thing, however I am not sure that the current “ban” in some states is useful.  In fact it will jut make drivers send their text messages more secretly, so police officers cannot see their phones.   Only if there was a bluetooth alternative for text messaging.