N-u-c-l-e-a-r Power

At the turn of the millennium, nuclear power appeared to be on its way out, like land-line telephones.  “Global warming has definitely been a big help to us,” said Don Hintz, vice president of the American Nuclear Society.” (Link)

Who  would have thought that an industry would ever claim that global warming as a good thing?  Well, not the ANS has is claiming that due to global warming, Nuclear Power Plants might be on their way up the popularity chain.  The claim is that the waste (that goes into our air) is cleaner than air that comes out of a coal producing power plant.  And yes, while that may be true, there are several downsides to using nuclear energy.

  1. Risk of meltdown.  We have seen this before.  Google it, there are enough examples
  2. Nuclear Waste.  The waste produced at nuclear power plants is radioactive, and while it does not hurt our air; we pollute ground regions for eons.

That is my rant for the week.  I find the claims about Nuclear Power being “safe” and “more clean” down right stupid.  I admit that Nuclear Power is efficient, and it can help in some ways.  However tell the truth about it.  Do not feed the public information that only tells half of the story.