Oh Lordy — Another One!

MUMBAI: Bangalore-Based startup Instacoll, backed by Internet poster boy Sabeer Bhatia, has launched an online office productivity suite and plans to launch a desktop version within six months, hoping to take on the Web pioneer Google Documents and the dominant force in the business, Microsoft, in the global market.

Instacoll — Instant Collaboration Software Technologies — has been working on collaborative documentation technology for a couple of years and the latest move marks the next step in its strategy of taking text editing, spreadsheets and presentations onto the Web.

“Users have the choice of working on either on the desktop or on the browser. Any changes made on either side are automatically synchronised to ensure the desktop and Web versions are in sync,” according to Sumanth Raghavendra, co-founder and CEO.

Instacoll unveils online office suite, targets Google Docs- Internet -Infotech-The Economic Times